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What Is Diamond Painting? An Easy Guide For Beginners 2024
01.01.2024 | BLOG

As a beginner, it is the most common question that everyone thinks about. What actually the Diamond Painting is?

Well in the simplest words Diamond Art Painting is a mixture of Cross Stich and Paint By Numbers. It is also named as diamond cross-stitch or diamond embroidery. You have thousands of drills/gems/crystals/jewels/ rhinestones or if you call in this Art’s language, “Diamonds”. You apply these tiny diamonds to a coded adhesive canvas to create Alluring Diamond Paint.  These resin diamonds in a predefined pattern give rise to a vibrant and shiny mosaic painting.

Diamond painting is the darling of the paintings and craft world. A relative innovation, it has become a popular hobby for crafters around the globe as a means of relaxation and fun. The fact which makes this activity interesting is that you don't need any artistic skills or experience like regular painters. You just have to pay attention and focus your mind in order to complete your Drill Crafts Paintings.

How To Start Your First Diamond Art Painting Kit

Step-1: Choose A Clean Flat Surface For Diamond Painting

The first step is probably the most important as it determines your level of comfort and how much you will enjoy your work. Depending on the size of the canvas, you will need a flat surface to lay your canvas and supplies on while painting, and also to store it when you are not working on it.  Choosing a flat surface is also important for protecting plastic from creases. Set everything up in a manner that maximizes your reach to the tools, diamonds, canvas, and your comfort.

Step-2: Remove Everything From The Package

Usually, the kits are all the same, regardless of manufacturer or brand. Even if they differ slightly, everyone should include at the very least the following:

After gathering all the equipment, unwrap the painting and flatten it on the flat surface that you have chosen.

Step-3: The Color Chart

All the Diamond Art Painting Canvases have a guide printed on the sides of the canvas which helps you to understand which diamonds go where; this same guide is also printed on a color chart paper that is included in the kit. In this, you will find all the drills colors which are included in your diamond art along with a unique code. This code is also known as DMC Number. There is another column in which you will find a unique symbol or an alphabet corresponding to each DMC number. Before you begin, make sure you are familiar with the numbers, symbols, and colors that correspond to them.

Step-4: Select a Color To Start & Pour The Diamonds

Now, choose a color to start your diamond painting with. It is always the painter’s choice whether to start from the bottom or the upper side of the canvas or if someone wants to do one color at a time. However, the last approach is not recommended especially for beginners. So, always try to go with the top-bottom or bottom-top approach.

After Deciding the approach & color, pour the diamonds into the Tray. Shake lightly so that diamonds shift upright. 

Step-5: Peel off the protective Sheet from the Canvas

Peel back a few inches of the protective film covering the canvas. Avoid the urge and anxiety of uncovering the whole canvas at once, as the adhesive on the canvas can dry easily, and the diamonds won’t stick once it’s dry.

Step-6: Apply wax to the pen & Start painting

Now, Grab your Pen and simply dip it into the wax provided with your painting kit. This will aid in picking up the drills with ease. You can refill the pen when you need to. Now you are all set to start. Pick up your very first diamond by applying a decent amount of pressure. After that, place it on the corresponding square/round box on the canvas.

What Is Diamond Painting? An Easy Guide For Beginners 2021

That’s it! You are on your way to becoming a Masterpiece maker. Just keep repeating the above three steps until you are done. Adorn the canvas, diamond by diamond, and work across it until you get an elegant DIY diamond painting. Carefully, analyze the final design and creatively fill all the gaps, and fix the mistakes to give birth to a fascinating art.