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How it works

Follow our simple 3-step process

Step 1:

Choose picture size and preferred diamond shape.

Open the drop-down and try to imagine the size you want. Sizes are ordered from small to large.

The sizes come in 3 different dimensions (square, wide and panoramic). If unsure if your picture fits the canvas, you can click the UPLOAD button to see a preview of the canvas shape!

Step 2:

Locate the picture you want to make into a custom design.

Tap on the button “Upload picture” to open your picture files. You'll see some options to find your picture in your local phone storage or your camera roll.

You will see the canvas preview and can adjust your picture to suit. If it doesn't fit, you may want to go back and change the size.

Step 3:

We design a diamond painting with your design!

Once the order is placed, our design team gets to work.

It will take up to 7 business days to design, print and package your awesome custom diamond painting.

Afterwards we ship it directly to your door – all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait. We promise it’ll all be worth it!

How to choose:

The best picture to upload

Use a photo that is clear (not blurry)

Diamond paintings have a mosaic effect since each color “point” can make up a big section of the original photo. An already blurry photo or image may end up even blurrier.

The best size for your picture

Avoid direct sunlight or heavy shadows

The range of colors available for diamond drills are much fewer compared to digital pictures. Very bright sunshine or large shadows may come out looking unnatural.

The most suitable diamond shape

Choose close-up shots over far away shots

Fine details for faces of people or pets cannot be made true-to-life due to the nature of diamond painting drills needing to take up more space per “pixel” in a digital photo.

What's in the package?

Package Content:
1 X Diamond Painting (rhinestone need to be pasted)
1set X Diamond Painting Tools (no frame)
24 X Drill Bags